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Dci100 mk2 Aircon removal

Hi looking for a bit of advice/help

The daily dci100 mk2's aircon has packed in and the pulley is absolutely knackered wobbling and rattling to the extent that its destroying belts.

Was wondering if there is a diy removal to get rid and just use a different pulley and belt similar to what can be done on the 172/182

Any help/advice is appreciated

  Clio 172 + Clio200T
I did it on my first K4J clio mk2..
If the DCI has the 3 bolts alternator to fix it to the huge bracket holding the aircon pump.. Unfortunately is not a straight job.
I removed the aircon compressor, removed the upper big pulley and then I picked an old timing tensioner pulley and built a bracket fixing it where the big pulley was.. and I did some milling to allow it to move up and down. Basically you put a short belt on crank pulley, fit it on the alternator and the little pulley on the custom bracket would push on the new belt making it tensioned correctly.
I did that and drove for no less than 20k kilometers without problems.
If you are interested I can send you a photo! I still have that engine!