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Megane 265 facelift 2014 car how to tell if its cup pack

  Clio 182 FF

I'm looking at buying a megane 265 64 plate. I believe it's is October 2014 therefore the face-lift

I was wondering how I can tell if it has cup packs or not. I own a 182 and understand there's noticeable exterior differences between 182 cup pack and standard 182.

What should I be looking for on the megane 265? & is there any areas I need to pay close attention too? The belts
, dephaser waterproof all recently been done but as I haven't owned one yet I don't know any common issues on them

Any help will be appreciated



ClioSport Club Member
  Clio 172
If you download the My Renault app and put the registration number and vin number in, then it should bring up full spec.

Generally if it has red calipers front and rear should be Cup pack and have the LSD gearbox. Desirable options are

Cup pack
RS Monitor
18" wheels over the 19"
Lux pack it should have leather, keyless, climate control

Other options are panoramic roof, various colours.

Cam belt is every six years if I am correct so should have been done or will be due. It is not necessary like the 172/182 to do the dephaser pulley on these.

If looked after they are fantastic cars and for the money there is not much better imo. Few small mods will see over 300bhp with remap.

Link to my 265 build thread....