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Opinion... Buy it!

I couldnt decide between the DCI or the 172...

...All out practical economy on a massive scale Vs while im young may as well go 4 the mental fast option.

U can see from my details which won 4 me though.

Honestly the oly 2 clios i would look at though (V6 excluded) are the 172 and the DCi.

Its like having a refinery in ur car u hardly ever fill up, and when ur in france.. Well with it at 50p a litre in some places its amazing.

Its also quick as diesels go so go out and but it. Since ur obviously looking for economy why bother going half hearted into something like a 1.2 1.4 or 1.6? May as well go for either of the 2 extremes and get the DCI Xtreme (poor joke i no)

Dont u also get free insurance with that?


Thanks for that! No u dont get free insurance only with the DCI65 which i really dont want, i cant decide between the 1.4 and the DCI80 cos i def need my speed when it comes to first setting off and thats whats putting me off the DCI and every1 keeps telling how quick the 1.4 is !

theres only 1.5 seconds difference in the DCI80 time and the 1.4. And with 0-60 times on both those cars being relatively slow anyway i dont think it would make much difference.

I no u said its the settin off that you are really intested in but the DCI 80 has almost as much torque as a 172!!! On the bypass next to ur mates just put ur foot down and watch them all change down a gear in order to try and keep up!

All that fun when raggin it and still at a thirsty 40mpg lol. Something most people on here dream about.


very true considering i do over 20k a year prob right! seen as though youre convincing me here! what colour out of black or silver would u go for ?!?!?

Please dont start this arguement!!! It gets nasty!

All ill say is this to help you choose

Do you like cleaning cars?

Would you prefer to have a car which looks good most of the time and requires little cleaning ....OR....

A car which look absolutly blinding gets very noticed and is spankingly gorgeous but requires cleaning every weekend without fail to keep it that way?

If you want easy get silver, if u want spank my bottom gorgeous get black. The Silver sport trim really contrasts against black and makes it look excellent


OK forgot ur getting a DCI, but still, all badges and trim parts are silver like the renault, the dci lettering etc..

It looks Soooo nice. Have a look at the pics of GRs car. Though pictures never really do it justice so just look for one in a showroom. Most dealers have at least one black car in cos they look good.

very true, but i think silver looks sporty and black looks classy, plus on black looks body coloured ! think youre right on DCI better then a 1.2 or 1.4 anyday and if u go for a 1.6 jumps 5 insurance groups which is scandolous!!!

Yeah, Silver is quite a nice colour but when my car is clean and covered in wax it really does look amazing. Ive parked next to a silver 172 b4 after cleaning it and although they may have been biased, all my mates said they definately preferd balck to silver.

However, none of them mention that when i ask them to help me clean it at the weekends!

Have you have a look at the red as well? Looks quite nice also.

Oh Big tip. Ive never had AC b4 but it is a life saver! if it doesnt cost much extra (dont know how much) make sure u get it, its wicked.

Also did u notice how the DCI 80 has MORE power yet is MORE fuel economical than the 60 bhp version?

I dont get it, how can spending a few more quid on the fueling system realease more economy?

The wonders of technology

I know its been put as the 3rd most economical car mad int it!

Def need AC ive got it now and last few days i havent turned it off, couldnt live without it now ive had it once !

Its being arsed in the freezin cold goin out and cleaning my new black car that worries me