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Debate: Is this covered by warranty

  E91 M Sport

Is this covered under the Renault 3 year warranty? (the panels have never been removed, damaged, etc. the paint is just starting to flake)

My car is in with Renault as we speak, and its sounding like they might argue it, so is it worth fighting my corner with this one?

(btw, what youre looking at here, is where the plastic arch meets the normal clio bodywork on the rear of my V6)
  tiTTy & SV650

well if not by the 3 year warranty, then what happens when they refuse to fix it and things get worse and you end up claiming under the 12 year corrosion warranty?

Its in their interest to fix it Id say before it gets worse...

Good luck!


ClioSport Club Member
  Clio trophy

get them to sort it.. you dont expect that on a 27K car now do you?:eek:
  Renault Laguna Coupe

Id have no trouble whatsoever getting that fixed under warranty at my dealer, I doubt theyll dispute it.
  v6 mk2

looks like a fault when the car was built, something has probably got in behind the kit when it was bonded on in the factory, it will have gradually worsened with water and the elements, should definately be covered though!!!!!

u have a very good case, prob just needs refitting and a bit o paint!!

is it plastic??

i believe the warranty cover is less for plastic body parts (was at citroen)

you could have an issue if it is, if its metal, then you shouldnt have any problems
  ex Clio 172 owner :(

Id print this page off and show them what everyone else thinks also.

like rory182 says, its in their interest.
  E91 M Sport

Thanks for all the feedback guys.....Im gonna take the fight to Renault UK if good old Camden Renault think its beyond them. <---- probably quite likely going by a phone call I received earlier. :sick:
  E91 M Sport

Right, the "Warranty Administrator" at Camden Renault MK has spoken, and they say that "Its not covered" .....

so now you guys know, if you spend £27,000 on your car, dont think it wont look like an old kitchen sink after 3 stress-free years.....BECAUSE IT WILL!

Renault UK here I come.

*starts to feel like Michael Moore*
  2008 Golf GTI Edition 30

Get on it.

Coz that is doing to need stripping back, resealing and repainting.

A lot of work.

im actualy angry that thier not going to fix it and its not my car... 12 year corosion warrenty.. tell tehm about that and tell them that its obviously a problem where it hasnt been done right at the factory, take tehm to court if you have to thier w**kers mate


ClioSport Club Member

thats shoddy.....Renault should have the right attitude about this kind of fault!....on a 27k car, or any for that matter!


Anyone going to by a car from Camden Renault now???

ummmmmm.......NO! :cry:

That takes the PI%S!

Hope Renualt UK can sort you out mate!
  2008 Golf GTI Edition 30

Quote: Originally posted by midge on 17 February 2005
12 year corosion warrenty..

Thats the problem.........

Its not corrosion.
  E91 M Sport

Thought Id drag up this old thread.

In case you need reminding, Im fighting Renault to get this fixed...

So in the last couple of months Ive been to the dealer twice, once with a paint expert from Ixell (Renaults paint partner) and both times theyve stated "its not covered because its a plastic moulding" case has always been that it is a manufacturing defect because the moulding is mounted to the metal panel, and has perished between the gap (i.e. not a fault of the plastic panel, but of the construction process).

Ive had many calls / emails with Renault Customer Service, who are rude, useless and incompetent. They initially told me to take the car to Camden Aylesbury because that was nearest place with a bodyshop (this was after my local dealer said they had a bodyshop but wouldnt fix it). I was then told Aylesbury didnt actually have a bodyshop after all, and that I must take it to Hatfield - THIS IS A 2.5 HOUR DRIVE!!! Renault UK didnt care though, and told me its for me to take it up to the dealer, nothing to do with them.

All in all, Im f*cked off to put it nicely. No one is accepting ownership of this problem.

Does anyone know who the official regulator of UK motor manufactures OR dealerships are? Where do I stand with this legally? What can I do to help put my case forward?

Thanks for any feedback.

Little Newms

ClioSport Club Member
  182, D2 Td5 & 840CI

My brother has the same on his but no way near that bad!!!!!! ill show some pictures! For 27k it shouldnt bloody be doing that!