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Decisions - Some advice please?

Right T-mobile rang me earlier mentioning about rewards I had earned.. Any who after much chatting she said do you have any questions for me? So I asked why my misses is getting better features on her T-mobile contract and yet im still paying more she said it's because you got the iPhone 4 when it first came out (understandable) She said how ever your due for an upgrade on the 18th September so you can do what you like then she said you may even want to wait until the iPhone 5 comes out? (I've heard mid September) Or she said you could probably upgrade for free now 1 - 3 months before your upgrade is due.

So question... What would you guys do in this situation?

Upgrade like now or in the next month or 2 to a 4S or just sit it out until the 5 appears and go for that? I'm happy with my iPhone 4 as it is so I don't mind waiting but with a tasty prospect of an upgrade and a new phone hmmm :)

Thank you!

Thanks guys! Much appreciated I was thinking that myself. Any speculation on when the 5 arrives? Google says mid September to compete with a few other phones coming on the scene. I hope its September :)
FYI I personally skipped the 4S. For me, it didn't offer anything new enough to excite me. I will no doubt upgrade when the new machine is released. I have a feeling it will be something quite special.

No idea when it will come out, but it can't be far off.

EDIT: Although if the 2012 retina MBP is anything to by, they'll probably remove the ability to make phone calls, and make a cool video explaining why voice calls are so 2011.


iOS 6 beta has started, this is essentially a countdown to a new device.

It will not be long at all. August/September/October i imagine. Deffo before november.
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Get yourself over to Vodafone which, on the whole, offers the best network in the UK.


I've just left vodafone, pretty good network IMO. I had no problems at all and I had a heavily discounted price plan. GiffGaff is the winner at the moment for me.
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I'm in the same boat.

Got my 4 bang on release date when I was upgrading a couple months early I think. My contract is due up 1st August so I've cancelled that. Going SIM only on the 4 and just waiting til the 5.

Anybody who upgrades to a 4S at this stage is a moron.