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Deifferences between 19 16v and clio 16v

I need to know of any difference in the engines/ancillaries/mounts etc

It would be for a transplant. Would a 19 16v engine be as suitable as clio 16v one?
  FRST and 106 GTi

I think that the exhaust manifold is diferent... more space on the engine bay for the R19??

Inlet manifold is definitely different. 19 16vs have a long trunking pipe to the air box (or induction kit). Make the same power/torque though - 137bhp @6500rpm and 116lb/ft of torque (about 160 Nm) @4250rpm.

Here is a list. Inlet manifold and throttle body complete, Alernator / mounting, power steering pump / mounting, manifold support mounts, water outlet elbow and thermostat housing, air bypass pipe work, cam pulley covers, top middle and bottom, cam pulley covers back plate ,(fixed to engine, cam belt and tensioners need removing), wiring loom .There are probably a couple of items i have missed but theres a few to be going on with. If you are putting a 19 engine into your clio you should have all the necessary parts anyway on the Clio engine