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deja vw

i whole heartly agree with this.

ive owned a mk1 gti then a mk2 8v gti and my sister owns a mk3 gti.and having driven a mk4 (so called gti) i can savely say each one gets worse and slow,to heavy and generally boring (just look inside one!, also i can remember when vw shouted about the safety aspect of having the radio and heater controls high up on the dash.but now look at them!!!!!)

i used to be vw person on the whole but not anymore,vw have seriously lost there way in the last 5 years. chassis sharing never works (too many compremises).god knows what the mk5 is going to be like.

"gti" use to mean something,not anymore(well aprt from"joke") lets hope renault dont do the same with "172" and "cup" !

The mk2 is better than the mk1.

I agree with a lot of what youve said but you cant argue that a VW is a very good overall ownership prospect.

Weve owned a mk2 for 5 years and just sold a mk1 which weve had since new, get in both now and i know everybody would agree.

I had a mk 2 16v Gti, loved it - cost me a fair bit to keep going. Was tempted towards a mk3 16v or vr6 but was warned off by loads of people and if the mk4 Gti (which i have driven) is anything to go by i can see why.