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Deleting Apps ?

  Astra 1.9Cdti SRi
How do you delete the apps that havent downloaded?

got a ipod touch and iv downloaded the basketball app and finger print just because they were free, but they dont install and just say Loading..

hold my finger on the app to try and delete but the X doesnt appear :S

is there another way round it ??



ClioSport Club Member
  An old banger!
hold the home button and power button together for 5 secs or so...


  04 Clio 16V Dynamique
Have you tried to Download them again? That should allow the install to load properly.

If not - try Sync'ing it?
  Astra 1.9Cdti SRi
iv reformated the ipod now, and just havnt botherd downloading the same ones again :) lookin at gettin a iphone now tho as theres some features i want