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My windscreen wont demist properly, so i turn the heat and the fans up full, then i start to melt, so i open my window and i start to melt and freeze at the same time, and my windscreen starts misting up again...

anyone else get this?


  Shiny red R32

We have always had this with cars that have air-conditioning and I think it must be because there is always a lot more moisture with air-con. I dont know the precise reason though, but it is something to do with it!

Keep the winows up, set the blower on a reasonble heat, not right up. Make sure recirc isnt on.

The recirc flap is motorised, and this is Valeo part same as Pugs and it gets stuck...........trip to the dealers if it is, dash out job.

Also get them to look at the condenser drain pipe, this should allow the moisture to run away so you dont get car sick or legionaires.

I remember someone telling me this wasnt connected right and didnt drain away on their Mk 2 172