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Dewipering guide

  106 GTI
Dewipered the car yesterday so thought id make a quick guide (no pics sorry). The gromit is 13mm and can be found in halfords.

1. Lift the cover on the wiper blade and undo the nut (13mm I think).
2. Remove the arm, Mine was seized on so I used a junior hacksaw.
If you intend on cutting it off the becareful not too cut into the thread of the wiper motor.
3. Remove the black plate which is held on by 2 poppers.
4. Undo the large nut underneath the black cover (either 22mm or 23mm) mine was only hand tight.
5. Remove inner boot panel via 1 screw (torque screw?), then gently prise it off the poppers.
6. Undo the wiper motor by the 3 bolts and disconnet the power lead.
5. The motor can now be removed.
7. Pop the black cover back on and insert the gromit.
8. Pop the inner boot cover back on and insert the torque screw

Job done