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Did my first oil and filter change

Just did my first oil and filter change on my 172 today..... geeez I dont fancy doing that too often.Getting the filter off is a pain in the a$$ .... are there any methods for removing it.I undone it using a chain filter wrench and by jamming my arm down the right hand side of the manifold.Do Renault have a special tool to reach down there or do they remove something? Just curious.

I ended up filling up with Castrol Magnatec 10-40.... Renault told me they use semi-synthetic in the 172?!? ... they also could supply Mobil 1 at £9.41 per litre !!! blimey.
  Skoda Fabia vRS

well Castrol Magnatec is a semi synthetic mate, an £9 a litre for Mobil 1 isnt expensive, its the goin rate really

Phil - I did the oil on my 16v the other day. Best thing to do is remove the grille: really improves access to the filter.

As for the 172, when you put a new filter on, just hand tighten it so you dont need to use a tool next time. Makes life a lot easier.

yeah I only hand tightened it when I put it on.Im thinking about making up a tool so that I can remove the filter with no only needs to be a bent piece of tube with a flexible drive down it, and one of those 3 prong self tightening oil filter removers on the end.

I did an oil change on my Renault Master recently too.Yeah I know its a van but the oil filter is a cool design.You unscrew a cap and just remove the paper cartridge.The filter housing remains on the engine, and with no oil all running down the side of the engine the is absolutely no mess what so ever.Its a cheap way to make a filter too.

Its probably easier if the car is on a ramp or over a pit to gain access to the filter, as long as you dont spill any of the oil out of the filter when fitting it (getting it all over the place) then you probably did a good job going in from above!