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Disabling ABS new clio’s

There must be one of you that know how to turn ABS off on these new clios. I have tried the blue fuse in the fuse box passenger door side. The ABS still worked and the light went off as normal.... What the hell does that fuse do?

Cant I tried it.... reversed till i was going pritty much flat, put some lock on and pressed the brake so get the front sliding and the abs stoped me half way... I have tried this with all the abs cars i have drove and it dont work. Used to be able to do it in my old xr2 :(

Youre not trying hard enough! Try flicking one way to transfer weight and then another, or do it in gravel, or a cricket pitch like i do! Nice and slippy! Bexley Cricket ground is the best, its like a bowl shape so the water collects, makes the grass wet, you can do hooge handbrake turns :D

lol... No I think I just need to disable the bloody thing.. I want to do it in a car park!! Now is it the red wire or the green wire?? lol

So dont you goto cruises then and see people ragging their cars doing some pritty cool stuff.... like a scooby spinning on the spot with driver and passenger sitting on the door yeee haaaa

Certainly do, i dont particpate though, dont fancy getting a ticket off a fed, or replacing my tyres. I dont seek the attention either ;)

Well im not bothered about rozza tossas I would just run them c**ts down then say whoops my abs failed. Everyone does the same kinda show donuts and 180 handbrakes!!! I want to do my show in there!!!!! I know a few tricks lol, plus all you clio owners are letting the side down as I have never seen one do more than 1 handbrake!

steve, why are you braking???????????? i reverse with foot half on throttle, then wack on full lock and boot it!! if your car has enough power you will get it sliding

Yeah but i want to turn it 180 braking while changing to 1st then pulling off... You cant have a full lock on and expect to be able to get it back in time.....

why are u pressing the brake? to do a 180 spin you clearly just reverse then flick the wheel...and you spin....its the easiest move there is too do. I could even do them in my dads accord with all the traction control etc.

And here we are, about 2 weeks later after virtually everyone was sticking up for ABS and now lots of people want to disable it!

Oh well........



  Audi TT Stronic

I still say ABS is one of the best safety features introduced after the seatbelt.

I hardly think manufacturors had reverse donuts in mind when they were thinking of safety.

As stated by myself in another thread I would like to see the option to be albe to switch it off, rather than be forced to use something that some people might not want to, its thier car let them decide.

Well my cars dont spin when i flick the wheel..... it just goes in the direction you steer... to do it propaly on the spot spin 180 you need to press the brake once you start to come round, you lock the front wheels it comes round on the spot and while ya doing that you put it in first then give it some wheel spin and straighten up.... keeping the car moving....


  Audi TT Stronic

Quote: Originally posted by RobFenn on 09 January 2003

Could argue that you should let people decide if they want seatbelts or not.
You can, you just wouldnt be driving legally (unless you had a medical condition that prevented you from wearing one, or are reversing)

It was the government that decided that, not the manufacturors.. and after all, under Tony Blair we now live in a dictatorship