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Disaster over : my 16v is back on form ;)

After a lot of phone calls and debating with mechanics over the last week, I today found someone to fix my cylinder head without removing it. Im so happy, as some garages said Id have to junk my lovely moded head - and I certainly couldnt afford a new one.

So I got a £42 tow to the place on the back of a lorry - ouch! If you judge garages by their premises, then youd have walked straight away from this one. It was like a time warp - business cards from the 1970s, old Morgans everywhere, and a guy who seemed older than time itself.

Fortunately, not even a helicoil was needed to fix my old spark plug thread. The guy just threaded a slightly bigger hole into the head and then placed a kind of threaded gromit between it and the new spark plug. All the local dealers and garages use him - the tow truck bloke said he was the best in Cardiff, but he only goes on word of mouth and mainly to the trade.

The car is now idling perfectly and has just been on a 50-mile spin from my home in Wales back to Bristol.

And how lovely it was to thrash an Audi TT off some lights! I dont usually get drawn in, but I was a little curious to see whether it was any faster. Besides, he was asking for it: revving loads and creeping forward on the clutch. I thought hed get a better launch as it was a Quattro, but we seemed to be level in 1st, then I pulled ahead by two car lenghts. We stayed at that distance apart as the speed picked up too. Was definitely a 225bhp variant: had the twin tail pipes. :D

Nice to be back in business!:D

yeah, glad to see your back on form Ben!! keep hold of the blokes number! sounds like a handy contact!! or not as the case maybe seeing as most of us live in the south east :(

good work Ben, after buying your latest tyres you should know not to trust your instincts of the premisies, the worse they look the better they are,

also im working right buy interpro i might go round and ask about a rolling road run if your intrested?


can you ask them please!

i need my 40s setup.

could you ask how much to install new fuel system for twin 40s i.e. pump. lines, regulator.

setting up of carbs on RR


i dunno what interpro is like, any good?
  320d M Sport

good man! BTW TTs can have 2 tailpies on a 180BHP, theyre sols as an have been warned!

  mk2 172

be, youd cream a 180 there pants, 225, well there low 15s at york on the 1/4 mile so i would imagine it would be quite close