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distributor rotor arm. can't budge it! help!

  Mint Clio Valver!

Just doing some little bits of valver maintenance, disi cap being one. Is there any clever way of getting the rotor arm off? mine wont budge!! i've tried easing it with a flat screwdriver but that just chips it. I've tried gettin my fingers behind it and just tugging but it won't budge, scared im going to tug the engine too much.

Any help much appreciated


pair of pliers break it off clean the dizzy spindle as it will have rust on it, lightly oil it and put new one on.
pliers and twist it it will break off.

They are meant to pull off but they corrode and don't.

Watch your eyes especially if you start belting the thing, the shards are fecking sharp.
  Mint Clio Valver!
sweet, cheers m8, il attack it later if it stops bastid raining!
whats the risk of damaging the spindle underneith?