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DIY False floor boot build, not 56K friendly

  '02 Clio Sport 172
Fancied sorting my boot out as the kit from the Golf took up to much space in the small Clio.

As it was;


Quick sketch of what I wanted;


The plan was I wanted to maintain as much boot space as possible & for it too look as OEM as possible, carpet colour & build quality etc. But as I don't plan to keep the car for much more than a year or so it had to be easy to remove & not alter the car in anyway eg. screw holes.

So with that in mind I cleared the boot;


And got fibreglassing;



I made up a cardboard template to transfer to the MDF (helpful GF!);


Then started cutting;




Next up I had to get the Sub fitted;





Then fibreglass the box to the MDF;




Having ditched the spare I thought best to have something just in case;




Then some more filling, sanding & MDF;


And onto carpet;







I had some of the stuff they normally use in sub boxes knocking about so lined it with that & stuffed the rest in the wheel well to help insulate it;


Test fit;


Then I went to fit a second boot light & found a puddle, turned out to be one of the rubber grommets on the boot shut, so all siliconed up, dried & clean I carried on;



As the idea of this build is to have it easily removed I've not altered the car in anyway, the whole thing is held in place by the well fitting MDF panels, the tight carpet & the weight of it.

It comes out relatively easily as the top pieces overlap each other to keep it in place, but are readily removable, access to the amp is just a matter of pulling the cover piece off as it's held by heavy duty velcro.



Aside from cover panels/grills to protect the speaker & amp should I wish to 'use' the boot it's finished, along with the addition of a rear strut;


The cost? £90, not including the strut or 2nd light, it has taken a couple of weekends as I've just approaced it casually but the most time has been getting everything fitting neat & tidy.

The carpet, which looks like a perfect match in daylight, just a bit off on the camera, was from eBay, the MDF & fibreglass were just off the high st.

I have enough carpet to do at least one more, maybe two false floors, about 1/2 of what I bought, so if anyone is interested PM me & I'll sell it on.

It sounds great, really nice & tight, no rattles or anything (bit of reverberation when you have the volume maxxed out, but you can't sit in the car with it that loud anyway! Just need two sort the rest of the speakers now!

Comments welcome!


ClioSport Club Member
  Clio 200 RS EDC
should be proud of that looks great - which way did you run the extra boot light?
  1.6 Ford Focus
Nice, I would love to do something like this but I would much rather keep the spare wheel in there... The split section is a really good idea though.
  alien green rs133
i got stainless steel mesh of ebay for mine :D

i dont have mesh in this pic but it shows my setup better

  '02 Clio Sport 172
Thanks for the +ive comments!

I ran the extra boot light wiring under the isofix bar so it's totally hidden even if you take the build out, wanted it to look like it was there from the factory.

That mesh looks pretty good actually, will have a look for something similar, thanks.
  White ds3
good job m8. never put piks of your gf on a car forum it only opens a huge can of pervereted worms i did once lol


  V6, R500, Jeep SRT
I've never heard a decent sound system in a clio! The cars are so pishly made that the sound quality (No matter how good the speakers are) still sound poor.

* However you've made a decent job there.


ClioSport Club Member
Looked pretty good even tho i'm not into installs as such.

More pics of the mrs are needed to keep me interested.
  ph1 black 172
only thing i would say is some nice perspex to keep the amp safe. and perhaps a sub perspex cover

(if your into it as well some coloured neons where the amp is so it shines through the perspex)
  Clio 182
That's wicked that :star: Wish I had a bf with half a brain cell that could do something like that to mine :dapprove:
  '02 Clio Sport 172

Thinking this for the sub, not figured out the amp yet, not a fan of perspex & don't really want to cover it up so you can't see it, hmmm....

S6 EMY - if only you were closer could sort something out! Haha!
  '02 Clio Sport 172
Haha thanks, although literally just sketches, I did design at school & was going to go to Uni to study it until a slight change of direction, thanks though! :)
  Megane 225
looks minted mate, was gonna ask, what do you do if your wanting to put anything in the boot on top of the sub? The amp fair enough, could just put a bit of plastic over the top of it. Also what make of sub is it you have there?

Cheers mate, and as everyone else is saying it, your mrs is very good looking;) (thought i would be a bit more gentleman about it)
  '02 Clio Sport 172
Cheers dude!!

Havn't finished it yet, but getting one of the grills shown above to protect it.
Really need to get round to it now as I've just had to use the back seats to ferry stuff around over Christmas!
  Megane 225
sweet, gonna try and do something similar in my car, got it all fitted to the underside of the parcel shelf and there are to many feckin cables dangling about the bit, and the two power ones keep shorting on each other! also cant get the parcel shelf out when wanting to put big things in the boot which is annoying!