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do 205 tyres work on 172

having scuffed my alloys yesterday, im looking for a solution. you could say, well dont hit the kerb, woman but its inevitible from time to time in the type of street i live in.

i know that the cup has supposedly stiffer sidewalls on the tyres but the rims stick out proud of the tyre so the smallest misjudgement means mailto:fu@@ed">fu@@ed wheels.

would a 205 tyre mess up balance noticeably?

any comments appreciated.

  Astra 1.9cdti XP

Putting wide tyres will make wheels look worse! My dad has that on his beemer wider wheels at the back than the front but he has the same size tyres. The front ones look pants.

Hate to say it mate but dont hit the kerb! Do what I do, only get near the kerb on the drivers side and always wind the window down to have a look(thats what levvy windows were made for!).



or strap two matresses to the sides of your car

or if you park in the same place glue an old tyre or two to the kerb then you can slam it in at 110mph! hey presto nice wheels quick parking



or seriously check out tyres with rim protectors there are some about and that could solve your problem