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do i commuteinsurance question.

  R35 GTR

I walk to work as its only round the corner, but drive to uni most days. Is this classed as commuting or just social/pleasure?
  106 GTi

When I was at uni, occupation on my details went down as student and I told them I used the car to go to and from uni.
  106 GTi

Read small print in the policy. Mine here says smomething along the lines of travel between a place of work ( full or part time), place of study, school, college or higher education.

Im not sure it makes a massive difference - I went up to business class one so I could use my car for jollies from the office occasionally ;) and still be insured and they only added £15 on my policy.

Thats crazy.

Ive just got a quote with direct line and they say that if youre a student then you will be only covered for social, domestic and pleasure - NOT commuting?
How does that work??

how do they know where you work ??
i always say social only (which is true) - i never drive to work as London is pants.
say if you stuffed the car going to work though, surely youd just say yeah i went out, not im going to work !
  Golf GTI 1.8T

why not ring and ask your insurance company? all will have differences in policies anyway.