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Do I have a malfunctioning Willy

After my run ins with Craggy on Saturday night, Im a bit concerned that the car isnt running properly. Ive got rattling exhaust noises coming from under the car (seems to be from near the front) and (as best I can describe it) a "whoosing" or "blowing" noise. It is also quite "boomy" under acceleration. The car also seems to take quite a while to get through the last 1500 revs in third & fourth gears, where I would expect a 16v engine to get through these quite quickly (even the 206 did!). Im going to take the car to an exhaust specialist on Friday, but have a few questions that the more technically minded might be able to help with:

1. Is it possible that loose connections in the exhaust system could result in exhaust gas blowing out and account / blowing / booming noises for the whoosing noises?

2. If this is the case, is it likely to cause the car to be down on power?

3. What else should I check to make sure that the engine is running right?



Will do.

Oh yes, can anyone tell where the oil temperature gague should be? It only seems to be running at 60c, which look a bit low.....anyone?!

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If you find a problem (sounds like a hole in the exhaust somewhere) Ive got some williams exhaust parts available for sale.">


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Sounds like a hole or loose conection on your down pipe or manifold.
Temp gauge does sound a bit low, but it depends how long the cars been running.
It should sit around the 100c for most conditions. I tend to find that it will settle around the 100c unless, im on a motorway doing 145mph+ then its more like 120c.

Doesnt sound right when I first got the car I kept hitting the rev limiter cause of the way it pulls through the last 1000 rpm. If the exhaust is blowing you will lose maybe 2-3bhp at a guess depends how bad it is blowing. Good luck hope it doesnt cost too much but you cant go around letting saxos beat you ;).

Paddy, really..... :eek:

The temp gauge was at 80 on the way back from work in heavy traffic so maybe Im just being paranoid. Im thinking loose connection rather than hole as there is an accompanying rattle.

Paul - Ill see what Ascar have to say about replacement parts if needed, then Ill get in touch. Do you always stock Willy parts or is this a one off?

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rhys, shall we have a go in each other cars? re your text earlier mate, i cant remember to be hones what it runs at! sorry


I had a "runbling" noise for a while that got worse under load of passengers or when on a hill. It really annoyed me and I was worried about all sorts of things. In the end, it was simply a shagged manifold-to-downpipe gasket and it cost me pennies to fix.

I would get someone with a ramp or pit to take a look but i wouldnt worry too much. Craggys VTS could simply just be faster. I would get it checked out for the noises though - there aint much worse than something falling off you car while in traffic;)

You wont really know about your cars power unless you get your car RRs or can compare to another Willie.

Did you say yours was chipped ? My last car was chipped - caused chaos at first- car would loose all power at any point - at 5mph one day then 2 weeks later at 110mph. The car revved by itself somedays. i eventually got the chip checked and they found some dirt in it and wasent secured properly. They also re-programmed it FOC too make sure. Ran fine after that.

Nope, not chipped as far as I know. The car is completely standard. Will get the exhaust all checked out asap though

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Rhys my 16v runs at between 80 and 100. It was always round about 80 untill I had the thermostat changed.

rhys, my manifold went on my old car and i was driving at like 6000 revs in third and only doing 25mph!! and it was loud a f**k!! i mean unbelievably loud!! u lose soo much power from it too!!

Rhys, when i bought my willy i noticed that noise you mentioned comming from the front exhaust somewhere, there was a rattle which sounded like a piece of cork being shaken inside a tin can. this turned out to be the cat, the inside had totally broken up and was shaking around, a small piece of the cat had blown through the middle silencer and was parcially blocking it which slowed the car down quite alot!

The other thing it was blowing from the front manifold, on the williams they use a steel tubular four into one manifold which often fractures at the point at which all the pipes meet and are welded together just before the down pipe. I took off the manifold and took it down to my local engineering workshop and had it tig welded, its got to be tig welded as the flange is made from a cast brittle metal that would crack with the heat of normal welding , they did a really neat job and only cost a tenner!

Hope this helps

Thanks for the replies all. T.Ferrinos descriptions are sounding about right. Will get it checked out asap.


T.Ferrino - Ive just been out for a drive to have a listen to the noises again, and I reckon your description of a knackered cat sounds just right..."Cork in a tin can" is just the noise its making. Right sort of area for it too. Ah well, I didnt want a cat anyway :devilish:.


ok ben ren19 16v has one for sale to fit 16v/williams on the renault sports club site (think hes on here too) open to offers.. on page 2 of the for sale forum, no replies yet