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Do I have to cut the original 182 exhaust?

  Black Twingo GT
Hi Guys,

I know a fair few of you have put stainless sytems on your car. I should take delivery of mine in a few days.

What I want to know is; can I remove the original 182 exhaust from the car without cutting it as I have read? I have never had to cut a system off a car before so Im guessing it is possible.

I would like to sell it on to be honest.


  K20 EG Hatch
no its not that, i think its one piece from the cat! then again, prospeed done mine for me and they may have just cut it off to make things easier :s Either way i left it there and didn't take it home lol
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  Black Twingo GT
Thanks Dave3141.

Also I'll be sure to use my fingers in future and not my forehead to type.



ClioSport Club Member
  Extreme mode
you well need it cut, unless the rear beam is dropped!!!!!

but don't worry, if you need to refit it, renault make a rather good sleave to bolt them back together
  RenaultSport clio 172 mk2
i didnt have to cut mine off i just jacked it up as high as poss with a bigger trolly jack than standerd wich saved the hassle of cutting it off/when i had my gt4 i had to cut it off as i didnt have the bigger trolly jack at the time so if you havnt got one then its a case of drop the beam or cut it n what a task that is when ya laid under ya car.
  Lionel Richie
you don't have to cut them to get them off, but you do have drop the rear beam down, thats how i do them

once they're cut they're very hard to reseal correctly
  Black Twingo GT
Great lads and Lasses.

I take delivery on Thursday, so I'll be fitting it the same day....obviously.

I'll whack it on ramps on the back then drop the beam as discussed.

Then of course, it'll be on here for sale :)

Thanks for the help.

  Black Twingo GT
Right, New Stainless on the car, once I dropped the rear suspension it wasn't too hard.

Thanks for all your help.