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Documents to send to get 3yrs warranty.

Sorry to post this, there must have been hundreds of threads on this. Ive done a search but not found anything definate.

As I understand I need to send; the sales invoice (a copy or original?), a copy of my V5, a copy of the VIN number on the back of my service book and a utility bill confirming address.

Is this all correct?

Again, sorry for posting again. Perhaps a FAQ page would be good?


copy of an email posted on this site some time ago hope this helps

"I can advise you that by carrying out the procedure as details previously
registers your vehicle for the 3 year Pan European Warranty."

The procdure is:

"In order to register your vehicle for the warranty please could you
>the following information:
> A copy of the V5
> Original invioce/Bill of sale confirming date of sale after 17/10/2000
> Copy of inside page of service book(the book for service stamps) -
>showing vehicle details and official stamp
> Copy of a utility bill confirming the owners name and address.
> Details of the vehicle, registration and chassis number
>Please could you send this information to Renault UK Head Office at the
>following address:
>Renault UK Ltd.
>The Rivers Office Park
>Denham Way
>Maple Cross
>WD3 9YS
>Anna Hurley

or phone renault customer services on 0800 072 33 72 and they will talk you through both the warranty options and what you need to do if you want to change from the 2year one to the 3 year one.