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Does anybody know how much Renault are...

  172 Cup, Caterham R300

...likely to charge me to have a stone chip on my bonnet sprayed/fixed or whatever please.



Neil - I had my chips done by Chips Away - plus that key scratch down the side - they did an excellent job on the key scratch, but not that brilliant on the stone chips!

anyway, wot you doing on here? thought you had thrown the pc away or summink!!! hugs and kis(ses) xxxxx
  172 Cup, Caterham R300

Kathy, the pc doesnt go on that much these days, takes about a week to fire the piece of sh!t up. hehe.

Phoned Renault out of interest....... £250, KERR-CHING.

On a serious note Im a bit peeved about the stone chip cause I havent really been going that mad in it(honest), well I certainly havent been tailgating anybody and Im not sure when it happened.

Thanks for replying kathy, tata.

Oh and hugs and KISses to you too:oops: :D :oops:

Neil: I have a heavily stone shipped bonnet and I was quoted around £350ish by the boyshop manager as he said that the panel would have to be stripped down first and when it was repainted, the wings blown in.....but not the bumper....

neil sorry to hear about bonnet cars being done at the minute by dave at townley panel & paint.hes very good.might be worth a call?did you get my postcard?suntans fading fast.hopefully see you next week?tata molk
  172 Cup, Caterham R300

Cheers Arjun.

Pilk, no postcard for me:(

I might give TSK a ring in Erith :eek: :eek: ;)

Look forward to seeing you c**k.;)

Hiya Pilk - wot car you got? and is the bird still around? when do we get to see you again?

Neil - make sure you are around and free on 30th August matey ;)

Neil - when you coming up to compare Cups??? ;)

Hiya kathy how are you and wayne doing? still terrorising mk?

only got a dagenham dustbin im afraid.girlfriends doing fine thanks.weve just come back from cyprus.maybe catch up with you at a meeting soon.depends on what neils upto.tata for now pilk
  172 Cup, Caterham R300

Kathy sshhhhhh, can you keep the "comparing of Cups" between you me and Wayne please. :D

I will make sure Im about on the 30th.;) ;)

Pilk you toerag, "depends on what neils upto".
Youre never in, youve done more miles than phileas fogg in the last 6 months!:cool: