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Does anyone know this 182 FF? GV04XOT

Marc 182

ClioSport Club Member
Hi guys, I went to look at the above car on Saturday. It's listed on eBay.

No history with it, other than a few MOTs and a service book up to 50k or something.

Car has Scorpion decat exhaust, Grams springs with Koni shocks on the rear and coilovers up front, but I can't see the make. Receipt for belts in 2017, so they will be due again.

Clutch feels worn to me, there's the usual oil leaks from the camshaft oil seals and more worryingly a patch underneath the car which might be a gearbox oil seal.

Interior is nice, all the electrics work, exterior is presentable but has the usual dints and chips.

Clearly the car has been loved in the past, but with no history you don't know what else has been done.

Owner is a nice chap, but doesn't know much about the car unfortunately. Just wondering if the car is known to anyone here and if anyone can shed some light on it.

Thanks in advance



ClioSport Club Member
I don’t know the car and a quick search doesn’t bring up much. But when you say it has no history, but then an invoice in 2017 for the belts (they will be due next year so not immediately) plus a service book up to 50k. That’s much more history than many cars I see advertised. Seems like a good price, with the way the market is moving now.
The gear box leak will 9/10 be the leaky selector seal. Which is quite often a problem even after the boxes have been rebuilt.

Marc 182

ClioSport Club Member
Just to update, after another chat with the owner, we agreed on a price and I’ll be picking the car up at the weekend.
Looking forward to getting it home and making a start on all the little jobs.

Marc 182

ClioSport Club Member
Well, it’s home now. Drives spot on, goes like hell over 5k! Very happy with this little dude.

Only problem is getting the key off my Mrs!