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Does anyone really know how many Willy Is were built

  Clio 197

It is really a bit disconcerting to own Willy I # 3369 and be told that there are only 2500 built. Then somebody else says that therewere 300 or 400 for the UK market, either included in, or in addition to, the original 2500 figure. Then another person says that there were 2 for Cyprus and still others for Ireland. What is the story here? I am rather perplexed...

Once again from an email from renault i can (and so can you now) know exactly how many Willys there are/were. This concerns only Britain tho.

Dear Mr ********

Following your recent enquiry I have been making further investigations
regarding the number of Clio Williams that were sold and can now provide you
with further information -

400 Williams 1
482 Williams 2
308 Williams 3

I hope this information is of assistance to you.


Anna Hurley
Renault Customer Services

Sorry, I dont know the rest of the world stats but this is an email direct from renault. Hope it helps.

  Clio 197

They sure are rare birds there in the UK. I really would like to get to the bottom of the LHD story though. I know of a 2533 and my 3369, neither of which fit the magical 2500 which seems to get quoted all the time. Or did Pierre out back in the badge shop have just a little too much Bordeaux one day and get carried away with the number punch?

Well willys competed in Group N Rally so that means Renault would have had to build at least 2500

The thing to remember tho is that there are only 400 willy 1s
  Clio 197

Err...mine is a Willy I. Plaque # 3369.

That is not a typo. Group A and N required 5000 examples and 500 would have been required for a Group A evolution of an existing model of which 5000 had already been made. Im sorry if my figures are off as I have not looked into the FIA yellow book for a good few years.

Even if Jacgues in the plaque stamping department fudged the figures just a little bit, there are surely a lot more than 400 Willy Is running around! Even with the natural attrition rate for a 9 year old car I would guess that they number over a thousand...