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Does anyone's 172 sound like a diesel?

  CLIO 172 2003
Hey as per title really.

Sounds really tappetey on idle it performs fine or seems to as its always sounded like this.

But not ever hearing another ph2 172 I can't tell.

It did spend a week in Renault last year and they didn't say anything ?


aka Philomena Cunk aka Barry Shitpeas
ClioSport Club Member
  172, Golf PD130
If it sounds like a diesel it's usually the dephaser pully.


ClioSport Club Member
Yeah, as Dave says, sounds like a dephaser.

Does it stop once you give it a few revs? Say, anything past 1500rpm?
  CLIO 172 2003
Yeah seems to disappear as I rev. I know they sound a little sewing machine like anyway.

I also thought dephaser.
Can someone please explain to me what the dephaser actually does ?
  Ph1 track 172
the dephasor pully controls the VVT, will advance the cam timing on the inlet cam slightly at high revs to give valve overlap. which in turn increases power output.
  Ph1 track 172
nah it wouldnt, i think its only the 2.0L that have them!

on yours it would more likely be the tappets need adjusting!