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does the clio 1.4rt have power steering

  ff 182

Alrite mate ive got an M plate with everything init.

If u wanna know anything else.Just ask.

Cheers Pete

do u have msn pete just want some general info good points,bad points etc whats likely to go wrong wot can be done can u fit 17s etc
  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT

Not on the early ones, but my mums 96 RT definately has it...

Not sure about an M reg, I have a gut feeling yes, but ???

yeah ive got power steering on my 1994 model, 17s well go straight on but it takes a long time to sort thr arches if you want it lowered.

My 95 (M) has it too. If it has an airbag it probably has power steering too.

I think they facelifted it in early 95. I drove an L plate 1.4RT with no power steering (no airbag, narrower door strips) - it felt better once you were rolling but parking was a bit of a chore.

Good points:

Mine has done 100,050 miles and is showing no signs of stopping (damn - shoudnt have said that). Engine nothing special, noisy at 3,000rpm plus (motorways tiresome), goes through front tyres quite quickly (tracking goes out at the slightest excuse).

Handles predictably - can push hard in the wet with no dramas.

What has gone wrong? Alternator about a fortnight ago (replace brushes), rear wiper packed up a while ago (£40 for a local car electrician to fix). Both front lower arm balljoints went with alarming speed. Still on the original clutch.

Other than that, we keep throwing fuel, oil and tyres at it(Dunlop SP10s work well).