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Don’t you just hate it when........

you suddenly realise that the person you are talking to about your car knows absolutely nothing about cars ??

I had a conversation the other day with a girl at work.... the fact that i had recently got a new car came up and went something like this ;

Me: "yeah, i changed mine the other week actually"

Her: "oh right... what did u get"

Me: " a MK1 clio 172 sport"

Her: "oh i like clios.... my friends got a blue one"

Me: "er right"

Her: "what did u have b4 then ?"

Me: "golf vr6 highline"

her: "oh... golfs are nice as well"

me: "yes.. this one was... leather, aircon,sunroof, alloys , 3 litre engine"

her: "alloys ???? cool"

me: "sigh"

and that was it :(

jesus christ.. i expected more interest than that :(

Im not suggesting that this is limited to women in any way...ive had some equally poor conversations with blokes...

"nissan skyline?.. what are they... is it like a primera"


  CTR EK9 turbo

Yeah, i know how you feel. Its even worse when they think they know more about cars than you: for example i was talking to some guy who was insistant that the 205 XS had a 1.4 16 valve injection engine as standard. I felt so uncomfortable knowing it was an 8 valve carb and then i felt like a nerd for knowing that, and then i felt angry. oh ill shut up now....

Lol. I know what you mean. Some blokes know nothing but pretend to know lots, women just normally look at me blank if I start talking about cars :D.


  BMW Z4 2.5si Sport

I dont look blank when talking cars ;)

I dont know much on the techy side of things, but Im forever talkin about em :D

my mates like that, u can talk 2 him for ages and he seems knowledgable then hell ask something sooo stupid u just realised uve wasted the last 20 mins of ya life!!!

u could be talking moddy, techy for a bit then hed suddenly ask something like whats a rocker cover? and then u know its pointless!

Sorry Louise, should of said most not all women :). Ben I feel that most of the time whenever I start to talk to some bloke about modding the car hehe. Infact only a few m8s and the people on here that I know of have understood what im talking about, that ive talked to :).

  172 Cup, V6 255, Williams

LOL, know the feeling, I had some bird at work trying to tell me the other day that Clio Williams did NOT come with gold wheels as standard. After 3 days, she conceded that she was indeed talking about the172s, not the Williams!

Women eh!

just to clarify here before i start some kind of sexist war here ;)

i just used my conversation as an example.... as i said, i have spoken to blokes and had equally stupid / annoying conversations......

i dont think the sex of the person comes into it... it just cracks me up / annoys me when for example i had the vr6 and people would say. . oh.. thats nice.. whats that the ? is it a 1800 ? ...

no.... 2.8 v6.. ...

dont be silly people would say, u cant have a 3.0 litre golf....

pop the bonnet.....

read that then... oh. 2.8 vr6 dohc.... right... oh.....

"its a nice colour though"


At least you dont have someone at work trying to convince you that the Toyota Corolla T-Sport is a better car than the 172 just because it says so on sodding MSN.