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Done a diagnostic check...........

  Clio172 / Focus Ti X
Got my fault code reader from ktec today and done a check on my car to see what the misfiring problem is.

it came up with P0202 which is an injector circuit open cylinder 2, any you guys know what could be causing this?

  F4R'd ITB'd '92 cup racer
check the plug connector on the injector to see if it has been damaged/come loose

this was the problem when mine had a misfire
  Clio172 / Focus Ti X
yeah it misfires smells badly of fuel aswell when idling.

I cant hold the throttle at 2k without it spluttering

when you come off throttle it pops from thwe exhaust aswell

I cleared the code and it aint come back again but can the problem still be there and doesnt bring the code up?

cheers guys
  Clio172 / Focus Ti X
Ok just an update for future reference if anyone gets the same issue.

The code came back again and it got really bad.

I done a few checks

1. I unbolted the fuel rail and took it out with the injectors and fuel supply line still attached and cranked the engine, injector for cylinder 3 (not number 2 like the reader said, unless cylinder 1 is gearbox side) wasnt working.

2. swapped the dud injector with the one next to it and it still wasnt working but cylinder 3 was now firing so not a wiring problem.

So turns out to be a fooyunged injector, the car got really bad, almost like it was on 2 cylinders but this was due to the o2 sensor getting an under reading of the amount of fuel so it richened the mixture, but ofcourse only on 3 cylinders as one didnt work, so the 3 cylinders were overfuelling causing it to run badly.

Replaced the injector and all is fine again. It cost me £44 inc VAT and is genuine renault.

Thanks to those who helped to the best they could, im selling the car now and looking at an E36 M3 :D


ClioSport Club Member
  ph2 172 track car
glad you got it working again, but e36 m3? surely that means more problems to come?
  Clio172 / Focus Ti X
yeah you could be right but seen enough of the clio. seems to be problem after problem

Any car is going to have problems regardless of what it is, just always fancied one and theyre going at good prices. snap one up before they start appreciating again