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door problem

  Twingo rs133
Can anyone help ive got a 59 reg clio when i push the open button on the fob its only unlockin the drivers door but if i push the button twice it opens both doors. Is there a way of turnin this off cos its gettin annoyin. Plus dose anyone know how or if u can switch the altomatic volime mode ie when u turn the car off then swith back on it turns the volime down to 15. Thanks
  Megane dci 130
Its called selective opening of doors, its how it is it cant be changed. Just get into the rythem of double clicking when opening.

As for the radio, press the button that changes the bass/treble and theres an option in there to turn it off.


ClioSport Club Member
  VW Golf GTD
My corsa used to have that door thing, used to think it was a good idea.


ClioSport Club Member
Mine too, it was designed to stop muggers jumping in on women at traffic lights iirc.
  Twingo rs133
o.k cheers people r have a look 2morrow 2 turn the radio thing. How come its only the clio thats got the door system and not the other models they sayin the clio is a girls car LOL