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Drivers seat issues

  GB 182 FF
This morning I tilted the drivers seat to put something in the back, then locked it back in place with no funny sounds. Then I went to work and on the way braked keenly and my seat just slid forwards :s and wouldnt go back very far/lock.

Pulled over and had a jiggle about and got the seat someway back but it felt on the slant a bit.

Get to work, cant move the seat forward with the tilt lever, but can with the adjuster. I saw some plastic in the outer runner which looked broken.

Is this a common issue, is it fixable or is a new seat needed?
Is the handle to get into the back of the car working?

I had some issue with mine and it just snapped. If it can't be fixed you can pick up another seat second hand fairly cheap.
  GB 182 FF
Yes the handle to get into the back works.

Found the bit that looks snapped in the runner, will get a piccy later