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DVD Drive Probs

  Punto/Clio GTT
hey all. my mate has given me 2 dvd rewriters as he doesnt need em. plugged one in and tried booting up and it says atapi ( i think) not compatable, press f1 to continue. so continued to here. it aint opening and aint coming up in My Computer.

do these need drivers or should it be plug n play?

will i need to install drivers before pluggin it in or should i download drivers for it after? cheers
  Astra CDTI SRI
Have you checked that the jumpers are correct on the back of the drives?

How are they set? Master, slave or cable select?
Are they on the same IDE channel? And as above - are the jumpers set properly? Each IDE channel has a primary and a slave. Stick them on the same ribbon and make sure one is set as a master, and one is set as slave (you do this with the jumper pins on the back)


From your PM mate the drives look fairly new so support won't be a problem.

As has been said, check the jumpers, but also check you are using a new 80 pin IDE cable and it's connected to the drives in the correct order. Blue to the motherboard, Black to the primary drive and grey to the secondary.