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E3 - What I'm looking forward to!

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So... Following the recent E3 show, what games are people most looking forward to? I'm an avid gamer, PC & PS3 mainly. I watched the new Tomb Raider trailer and wasnt particularly impressed, just seemed to me that they made Lara too "soft" squeeling and crying every 30 secs got really really annoying! I cant find the video at the moment but I'm quite interested in the new Sim City game too, which looks brilliant!

Here's what I'm looking forward to, the first game in particular looks brilliant!:

The Last of Us:


Resident Evil 6:

Medal of Honor - Warfighter:

Assassins Creed 3:

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Deffinately Watchdogs for me, watching that video makes me wish it was GTA instead of watching GTA drift towards Saints Row :(
Cant say i share your hype for Assassins Creed though, the original was amazing but now its just being milked much in the way CoD is.
  55 Clio 182, C2 VTS
From the looks of the videos I get the impression that neither Res Evil 6 nor AC3 is anywhere near completed. If the video of AC3 is a representation of an almost finished product then I probably wont rush to buy it like I have with the others. I've enjoyed them all so far which is the main reason I'm looking forward to the next one. I wasnt sure that they could improve on Altair's story and make it link with Ezio but Ubi seem to have pulled it off quite well so far...


ClioSport Club Member
In order for me

The last of us - Been looking forward to this for a long time!
Medal of Honor/AC3 - not really bothered about order of those TBH
RE6/Watchdogs -As above.

Will play all of them but in no real rush this time around. Hardly go on the PS3 anymore.