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Eagle F1’s On Mk2 172, Prices inside.

  320d M Sport

Well you know what I mean! After finally wasting my Contis (7500 miles!!!!!:confused::mad:) Ive been ringing for prices on 2 new 195/45/16 Goodyear Eagle F1, so heres the prices... (by the way I did get prices right up to £115 EACH!!!)

South West Tyres-01275 335 838.

They Wanted £85 each. Turned out to be the dearest quote...

Elite-01708 525 577

They were V helpful, polite and would do them for £69 each delivered to your door...

Micheldever-01962 774 437

Id never heard of em either but got the number from the Saxosports boys.... price was £72 each, not delivered...

AP Tyres-01709 523 827

Cheers to Rhys for this (I owe you a pint mate!) They were cheapest and had the tyres already in stock, they will do them for £68 each.

Looks like Im off to AP Tyres (nr Sheffield) on Saturday then, would have thought itll only be a few quid to get the tyres on and balanced?? I tried loads of places to get the new Goodyear Eagle F1 GSD-3 but they dont make the tyre in the 172 fitment yet (ie 195/45/16) so Ill settle for the older style. I also emailed about 8 places and only got 2 replies, 1 from (wouldnt sell me goodyear for some reason?) and HiQ tyres.

Phew, looking forward to Saturday now when i can finally turn, steer and drive properly again...:D


kwik fit and charlie browns both refused to fit the toyo proxy tyres i bought at trax, they said we can only fit tyres we supply, they said we cany garuentee them. in the end i offered cash to the guy at charlie browns to fit them no receipt. so the money went in his back pocket but it didnt matter to me.
  320d M Sport

thats ridiculous!!!! Can you believe that there was NOWHERE at the motorshow to buy tyres? I mean Cmon MOTORSHOW!!! Youd think Demon Tweeks or one of the big hitters would have been there?


space at the motorshow is VERY expensive a stand selling cheap tyres wouldnt make any money as they take up loads of space so you wouldnt be able to stock many.
  320d M Sport

True, but we (Carole Nash) have a stand there for our bike shows (starting this week) and you see all the small traders taking orders for tyres, lids, clothing etc. I thought that they would have done something like that?


ps-How ace was that MG???? Phew
  320d M Sport

bump for Matt!! In the end i got my Toyos from Revolution for £65 each delivered, they were here in 2 days and the staff were excellent, v friendly.
  2012 WRX Waggon

paddy - did u try Costco?

they normally sell the wonderfully grippy Maybor Marshalls, but can order tyres - usually miches.

ps - They are selling a GALLON of Wonderwheels, for less than a tenner.

  CTR EK9 turbo

I dont know about mk.2 16 inch Goodyear Eagle F1s but for me they cost something like £45 a corner from Micheldever. It cost my friend with his pulsar £200 for all of his wheels shod in Eagle F1s 195/50 R15 and a wheel allignment check and balance etc. from Micheldevers. Its a bit of a treck to get there but if you do go you save loads. You have to cue up for ages tho if you go at the wrong time like I usually seem to end up doing!