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early RR Day results..

Many surprises, many happy people..

brief results...

Willys, from 130 -140 @wheels..

172s from 136-152 @wheels..

Niels V6 190 @wheels.

The quickest 172 (up to me leaving) was an absolutely standard Mk2.!!. (Nice one Paddy ) (152 @wheels..)

full results will be posted later no doubt.. A great turn out, and some very impressive results as the 172s start to show serious power gains as the miles increase.

Thanks to Brun for a terrific event , and extremely well organised.


Yes, thanks to Brun for a great event. Was also good to finally meet the mysterious Nick Hill and all the others who were wandering around there.

I got the lowest 172 power output of 136 bhp, but am happy with that as a starting point. Hopefully it will develop a bit more naturally as the engine runs in more and then Im off to Hillpower


well i had to limp in to the rolling road as the exhaust fell off just round the corner before I got there, managed to get it spot welded so i could drive home. I will be off to the renault garage on Monday to see what they have to say

a nice day had by all, even the weather was perfect, my borthers megane manage 142@ wheel which he is happy with, did anyone get pictures of the convoy on the motorway
ps nice to meet all you lot as well, must have a northren meet soon!!
  clio 20v

just got home great day out chance to put some faces to names

my valver made 117bhp @ wheels

the lowest 172 figure was 129 by luke from pgti, summat not right there

does anybody know what 117 is at the fly cos i dont know if thats good or not

best bit was when the v6 tried to make a break for freedom by jumping out of the rollers

I think 117 at the wheels is good for the Valver. As a bit of a guess, say transmission loss is 20% (should be a bit higher, shouldnt it?), then 117 at wheels is 140bhp at the flywheel, which is a bit up on what a 16v should do as standard (138 bhp?)

Rhys (probably talking rubbish )

Oh yeah, Monk - your brother seemed really excited to be getting his car on the rollers!!!

That Megane is actually really nice. I usually dont like oversized wheels (19" in this case!) but they really suited the car, along with the insanely dark, but really well executed window tinting!

  Leon Cupra

How come my 172 only made 121BHP@the wheels at PowerStation!!!!, there had got to have been something up with it before the engine blew up to be that down on power???


Cheers BRUN mate a good day out. Think Ive got a sun tan as well!

I got 146 bhp @ 6460rpm - which Im pleased about. If I go with the above suggestion of 20 % transmission loss that makes it 175.2 at the fly!!

I was suprised at how much the Standard 172s varied in output - a difference of 16bhp between the highest and lowest standard Mk2s - strange.

The guy with the Superchip whos got 132bhp your 172? I hope you get Superchips to have a look at it mate and get them to undo what they did. Good Luck.

Nice to put some faces to names.


Going by personal experience with at least 3 MK2 172s(2 of them mine!), I can confirm that there is a some what worrying power difference between some 172s

My first 172 couldnt pull the skin of a rice pudding, it was just guttless!!

My second 172 is another matter however, it would have just blown it out of the water! It pulls from low revs, which the first one just never managed. Id even stretch as far as saying it would now take my old V6 Laguna, something I could never say with the first one.

The third 172 belongs to a guy that goes about Dunfermline. My mate with a 195 BHP Cupra easily manages to pull away from him, without breaking much sweat. Granted at the time he had done 3000 odd miles! However when I meet my mate in the Cupra on the road, the story is completely different, I even start to pull him in at the top of third/fourth.



well im glad to say that the willys were all quite similar in power output,was well happy with 137 at wheels,but jons 149 blew us all away,must be the de-cat or that fuel treatment hes been using.ah well at least i know,so here we go on the road to a little rocket on wheels

cheers peeps,ged willy 148
  320d M Sport

Hello All!

What a top day out (thak god that brekki arrived!!! Hank Marvin I was...) Anyway, big well done to Brun for arranging everything-good on ya son.

So am I right thinking my car was 2nd highest on the day, and 1st of all the 172s? Excellent! Wonder why there is such a big difference? My cars completely standard, was ragged from about 300 miles.....put Optimax in occasionally (past 3 days i have).
The car was a Renault Demo 172, bought it with 60 miles on the clock but I remember the Salesman saying that he thought it was a particularly quick one??? 16 BHP is a lot of difference though...

Nick Hill, what a sound guy!


Oh and Joe, watch your back you cheeky swine!!!!!!!
  williams and trophy

he he well impressed with my 149 @6630 rpm 3rd or 4th highest all day i think?????? even if it was still struggling for traction, apparently due to the tyres being too hard a compound or summat
all the willys ran well and consistent outputs too more than can be said for the 172s lol
brun .... wot can i say ?? bet u even organised the sun to shine too eh? lol
nice 1 mate i can see u gunna av to organise some more meets etc. lol
nice to put some more faces to names etc.
see you all in york oct 6th hehe

Paddy - Im now going to have to re-connect the pipe and take it back to RE just to see the difference. I think I could get addicted to this

  320d M Sport

Connect it for sure Rhys. Im not having that it makes NO difference at all, its got to??
Didnt Desmondos do 146 or something??

  320d M Sport

Connect it for sure Rhys. Im not having that it makes NO difference at all, its got to??
Didnt Desmondos do 146 or something??
Would have been good to get Matts on there as his was done at Cooper and West with 143@ Wheels......when he had an exhaust.... (sorry had to....! )

had a look at the rest of the exhaust while the car was up and it didnt look too healthy, will be off to see renault on Monday to give them Hell

PE welded the exhaust so i could drive home so was not too bad, but all this meant that i did not get to run my car on the rollers
  Skoda Fabia vRS

hi guys, ive just had to fix my comp as i got home an my RAID array has failed, oh well its an excuse to install XP

i hope you all enjoyed it as much as i did, the 172s were throwin out some crazy results, the other results seemed to be what we all expected though, maybe a little higher

i cant believe the weather, how lucky was we

also the guys at the Trafford Centre, dick heads, id already sorted it out that we were allowed to meet there, the old geezer was havin none, but we were all there anywayz

good day guys, have to get a post up of the results, Kelly said her fella should have time to sort it tomorrow night

cant wait for the mag now
  Skoda Fabia vRS

did anyone elses car feel quicker on the way home

i think my car might have needed the thrashing it received today, shifted a fair bit of carbon out the exhaust

definitely feels more eager
  BMW 320d Sport

Great results everyone, btw Tim and cant compare results from different roads. All it does is highlight the inaccuracies in them. The good thing is that you *can* compare results with others on the same rr, on the same day and get an idea of where you stand.
  williams and trophy

yep nick mate gotta agree with u there about difrent rollers etc. but by the results of the valvers there yest id say that my old one with 122 at the wheels sounds about right....and that was done at powerzone/minisport rollers