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EasyTrack - dedicated 172 track day

Just spoken to Marcus @ EasyTrack and hes more than willing to help us put together a 172-only track day if there is enough interest.

We would need:-
* Around 30 cars
* People willing to pay between £100-150 (estimated) for the day

What say you all?

JJ, where would it be as I would have to travel from Swansea, could be interested if it is not too far and depending on dates obviously.

We can choose from a range of circuits all over the country, but it would obviously depend on availability.

Would there be any trainers about to help out? I would love to go on the track but I also love my car. First time for me is going to be a trainer.
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In my experience too much democracy usually leads to these events getting no-where. Just do a quick straw poll then make a decision. Most people will like a track thats pretty central, and is wide with safe run-out areas. Ill go pretty much anywhere that fills the bill. Might be best to avoid August owing to hols.
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Oh, one more thing. Although the 172 track day at Palmersport was a hoot, it would be even better to have all the other Clios there too. Plus it gives a much greater chance of getting the numbers required. So maybe it should be a Cliosport track day!

Thanks for the ideas.

* OK, so all Clios, not just 172s.
* Run off areas will never be as good as at Bedford.
* EasyTrack have a number of Clios/172s already on their books.

Ive been getting what I can only describe as withdrawal symptoms since Bedford: insomnia, cold sweats, itchy right foot, the urge to drive my car around bends flat out with all four tyres squealing, thoughts about braking distance - turn in - clipping the apex – getting the power down, the wonders of lift off oversteer!!!!


I say wahay! But as Mike says a Cliosport trackday and not 172 only.

So yes - count me in!
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As I am already a member of easytrack I can highly recommend what they do. Wherever the trackday is you are sure to have a good laugh and a great day out..just let me know where it is gonna be!

again - hang fire if we think Bedford is a good location - the track is superb and it is very central??? we in "admin" are trying to sort this one out!!!

The cost of Bedford could be prohibitive though....the Sensation Day is £650 per person! EasyTrack were telling me that Brands is around a £9k booking fee, and Rockingham £16k!!
  Renault Laguna Coupe

Well worth looking at Bedford. Most of their days include a lot of use of their cars which is expensive in terms of hardware and instructors. Theyve got to be competitive surely, and if not theres another outfit called RMA who do lots of track days at bedord. Heres their schedule:

Sat 01 June Bedford Autodrome C 101dB(A)
Sat 29 June Bedford Autodrome C 101dB(A)
Thu 04 Jul Donington Park +2 Unrestricted
Sat 20 July Bedford Autodrome C 101dB(A)
Wed 24 July Rockingham Speedway +2 105dB(A)
Sat/Sun 3/4 Aug Le Mans Bugati Circuit* I Unrestricted
Tue/Wed 10/11 Sep Spa Francorchamps* I Unrestricted
Tue 17 Sep Castle Combe +1 100dB(A)
Sat 28 Sep Bedford Autodrome C 101dB(A)
Sat 12 Oct Bedford Autodrome C 101dB(A)
Sat 23 Nov Bedford Autodrome C 101dB(A)
Fri 27 Dec Mallory Park ** C 105dB(A)

Cost appears to be £245 for non-members, £195 if you are a member. More on


ClioSport Admin
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Hold off on the track day because we are trying to organise a solely ClioSport day at Bedford Autodrome. We should have some details to tell you within a week. And all Clios welcome.

I would be up for the track day - I am going there on the 28 Sept with the Elise (one of the dates on your list)

I might be able to get it organised for £195 not £245 but would need to investigate. Let me know if you want me to look into.

Quite a few friends have been with the RMA and the days are supposed to be the best organised around


Nice one Jas/Kis. Im on holiday as of Friday for two weeks so Im unlikely to be able to reply to this until mid August.

Ill be up for this whatever so please, please, please count me in!!!


Im interested in this too chaps!

Im also trying to arrange a day at Ringwood if anyone is interested?

Look in Events!