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Ebay problem

Not sure if this is in the right section but here goes.

Has ebay changed it so you cant edit your final payment prior to confirming payment on paypal?

Iv won various items from sellers over the last week and i cant edit the postage or payment amounts.

For example if i win say 5 items from one seller, i have to pay 5 lots of postage instead of any discount that the seller emails me with via a invoice.

How can i edit the payment amount to be payed?

This is causing a real prob just now and making me look like a dirty ebay non payer lol
Ebay have not changed anything. Its up to the seller to determine whether buyers are allowed to change the final invoice amounts.

However one way around it is to go into paypal and click the send money tab and fill in the information manually, if you know the sellers paypal email address.
One seller is just pi55ing me about, 5 emails sent and one reply with a unlinked invoice (iv had things from him in the past and he's been spot on)

Another one said tonight that they cant change anything :S

Been on the bay for 3 years or so and bought about 150 odd things and this is the first time iv had hassle and all with in a week :S

Had a go at doing it manually Paddy but when you click to say its a ebay seller im paying option it asks for the ebay advert number, because its more than one item, it wont recognise it so fails :mad:
I'll have another look at this option again but its starting to pee me off