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Eibach Sportline Appreciation thread (182's)

  172 cup
For the price of sportlines try them, they always sell on easy enough if you want to go lower. And the ride quality it amazing compared to other lowering springs
  Clio 172 Cup
I've just binned the sportlines that the previous owner fitted to my 172 cup and refitted the original springs. As far as I'm able to ascertain the steering response is better and the handling is less crashy. I also found the rear to be a bit flighty with the sportline setup and more prone to skipping on poor road surfaces when cornering hard.

Granted, the roads are abysmal in rural Oxfordshire so I was expecting it to feel nicer but not by this much.
  GW 200T
what do sporlines lower by i have seen a few web sites and they say diffrent heights so can someone confirm the height please


ClioSport Club Member
  LY R26
If I put sportlines on my 172 cup would I notice an improvement in handling / the same / worse?
Yes mate less body roll and tighter turn in, defo improves handling well worth it for the decent price.
  Phase 2 clio 172
Sorry for thread bump,

i fit a set of sportlines to my 172 a while ago and it still doesn't sit any lower than a standard 172 :S

its on the standard 16" wheels and when parked up next to a standard 172, they're the same height

I made sure that they were fitted correctly too

it's made a decent improvement on the handling like they're ment to but I don't think it's lowered it at all
anyone else had a problem?