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El-Cheepo phone required

So basically my iphone has given up and is giving me trouble, i cba with it any more and barley use it anyway.

I need something for like 40-50, 2nd hand is fine

That i can make calls, send texts, take pics, put said pics on comp, looks kinda sleek, and be slim as i hate fat phones in my pocket.

So fire your suggestions please....:)
hmmm, seems like a good phone for the money, but sonys just annoy me, and that one looks kinda ugly and really annoying!

Any other ideas

cheers tho chap
hmm, anyone got one of those sonys? They any good?

Or something else to recommend?

Cheers lego, but thats way to retro for me and got no camera.
Yeah tehre nokia classics look a good option, like the functions/capabilities of the slide on but not so keen on the slide bit, and it seems quite fat, will have a look at the other classics....

Anyone able to reccomend a specific classic?
pfft, the iphone is okay, its just i have to use speaker phone for talking as the ear bit doesn't work... wouldn't sell it as its great for wifi etc...


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nokia classic 6500 . good basic phone tbh.
No idea how to take it apart and canny be arsed tbh, think its pretty messed really as its quite dented and been dropped a lot.

Seb that looks pretty good, will take a gander at prices on the bay cheers

nokia classic 6500 . good basic phone tbh.

Yep...had mine since they came out last year...on my 2nd handset mind but good for what it is...far better than the 6300 nonsense that people claim it to be the same as..

It'll do until i can get the 8800 arte as its out of stock at Orange jus now..