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  Clio Gtt

when i am driving and come to a junction or roundabout{at idle speed} my stereo turns off and the lights dim

ive had the battery and alternator tested and they are both fine!

any ideas.

Check earth from battery to chassis and to gearbox. If the connections are dirty/corroded you will find funny things happening which you wount usually be able to predict. Turn everything on and drive again, if heater and wipers slow down i should think this is the problem. If these are fine, then the problems lies in the stereo and lighting circuits. Unlikely.

Also check link +ve between battery, starter and alternator. Again, corrosion will play havack with electrics, clean and grease connections, should be better then.

I have the same problem with my rear light, I think it is a dodgey earth because the rear indicator wont work some times and work other times, I will have to clean up the earth and see what happens. Any other suggestions?