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Electronics/Wiring Simulator Software

  Pink & Blue 182, JDM DC2
Whats the best application in this type of business? I need to map out the Striker wiring so I can replace bits of the loom which are faulty.

Cheers guys
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Microsoft Visio ? (I use it for network diagramming, not to sure it will do what your after ?)


Mate, buy a £25 sealey test light with the pos/neg switch.
We thought about mapping the loom on the 205 like that but its far easier just doing it on the car.
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  Pink & Blue 182, JDM DC2
I need to replace huge amounts of it Tom.

Mouk - can it run simulators i.e after you've mapped can you switch it on and test the circuit?


Huge amounts? im assuming its the engine loom and not the basic things like lighting and ignition. Visio cant do what your after unless you break it down to a basic level.

If it is the engine/ecu loom and its damaged then all im saying is go careful.
Diy'ing that stuff could lead to KABOOM!

Even the best auto electricians dont use computers to fix wiring.


Ok, but IMHO your making a day job into a month.

If you really have to map out the loom use a pencil and a pad.

We wired the 205 in a day with a brand new loom built from scratch.
You have the luxury of having the existing loom to work from.

Sometimes its best to keep it simple, if you need help let me know.
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When I was at School we used Crocodile clips, its a very good peice of software, easy to use, might be a bit basic for your needs, depends what you want though
  Clio 1.4 16v
Well I found it very useful for making a bulb light up on screen ;), its fun aswell, theres a feature to make indistructable components so you can put loads of things on and it wont blow up
  Clio 1.4 16v
If there is I damn well wish I would I could of found it at school, would of saved me hours or boredom from an american ponce teaching me something I already knew :rasp:
you still searching for this simon lol.

If its not your engine the loom will be very simple, there isnt much on your striker apart from lights and light switches.
si, get out there with a multimeter and it'll take you all of an hour to sort any issue.

Your not trying to re-wire everything arent you?

And shouldny RAW have wiring diagrams for the whole car anyway?
  Pink & Blue 182, JDM DC2
Quite simple really...

Raw only supply something called a Universal-loom from which you install in your striker. Sadly the company which made this loom has gone bust a long time ago. There are no diagrams, aside from, roughly, 80 pieces of A4 with various bits of wiring on which the previous owner did.

Furthermore, where things have been cut and chopped around one colour goes into the wing and another colour comes out. In turn, each wire will need replacing as most are too short, too tight and poorly crimped.

Having come from 3 Mini's I'm more than qualified to say that I know what a poorly wired loomed will mean for the Striker and in all honesty, with this years season almost over I don't want to spend big parts of the new year struggling to resolve electrical problems.
  Pink & Blue 182, JDM DC2
For me Ben, understanding how it works is as important as fixing the problem. Of course buying a new loom is the answer but, I don't learn much. My goal is to understand the loom whilst also enjoying the car without electrical problems.


So build a new loom from scratch, wire by wire.

You have the old loom as a model, if you make it you'll understand it.
Simulating it first is a waste of time.
get out the continuity tester and your half way there, cant see it taking more than an hour to locate and label each wire outside of the engine loom.