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Elephant/admiral no claims bonus’s


ClioSport Club Member
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Without me ringing up does anyone know if any of these (i think there the same company) accept no claims bonuss if youve got them via a rapid bonus scheme with your previous insurer.

As ive been with norwich union for the past year and half and and have been on there rapid bonus scheme of 9 months which equals to me having 2 years no claims but ive only been driving for 18 months.

Will elephant or admiral accept this as being 2 years as ive heard some insurers wont count this as being 2 years no claims.

Just wanna know without phoning as i wont be getting me new car for a few months,Thanks

Well, Elephant/Admiral do the 10mo schemes too.. and they class as a full 1yr.

The NCD proof should just say 2 years.. dont think it even mentions that you got them in 20months!

how will they know that you got them from the accelerated scheme? i assume the no claims notification will just say you have 2 years etc etc
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Yeah, your renewal form counts as NCB proof, and mine just went up an extra year, there was no mention of accelerated.
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I took one years accelerated Admiral NCB to another company a few years ago without any problems.


ClioSport Club Member
  RB 182

It says on my renewal form from norwich union:

No claim diiscount:18 months (discount allowed equivalent to 2 yrs NCD)

Do you think theyll accept that?


ClioSport Club Member
  RB 182

Also how long do you keep them for as ive just sold my car and probably am planning on getting my new car say january time ,so i have the 2 yrs now (18 months) NCD now will these be still valid come january :confused: as i wont have been driving for say 5 months.

I will aslo have been driving 2 yrs come january which ive found that it brings my insurance down nearly 500 pound mainly one of the reasons im gonna wait.

You can keep your no claims bonus for 2 years before they class it as invalid I believe. I had to buy a car in the end as I was getting close to the two years! lol

You should be fine, the problem ive just found is ive got 3 years NCB yet only been driving 2 years 10 months. Priviledge wont quote me if i select ive been driving 2 years, yet if i say 3 years its only £600. I phoned them up about this and they put me down as 2 years 10 months and it shot up to £800. You cant win!