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Engine Blown :(

  Leon Cupra

Coming back from Sheffield, nearly home on the M54 doing 80MPH BANG!!!! Bits of metal come flying out from underneath the car and it lost all its oil and water. There is a big hole in the sump cover so something has come smashing out from the bottom of the engine. Looks like a big warranty job.

  Leon Cupra

Just over 3k miles i run it it in for 1k miles oil and filter change at 2k. I had just done a 100 mile trip of between 70 and 90 MPH.

  Leon Cupra

There was a humming noise coming from the engine about 10 secs before and then BANG!!!! and the engine died.

  ICE'dberg MK2 172

There is somebody else on here somewhere that is waiting for a new engine. They have been waiting for 5 weeks.......same as I did for my gearbox!!

Renault Customer Services is your next step, a really snotty letter to the CS manager.....I have his name!!!! send me an email and Ill send it to you.
  Leon Cupra

Anybody know how to go about this?? Do I just ring my local Renault dealer and ask them to pick it up and to take a look at it???


p.s. am I entitled to a courtesy car??
  172 & LCR

I thought these engines where pretty strong but Im begining to have my doubts well lets hope no ones goes bang when out of warrenty.
  ICE'dberg MK2 172

Just ring them and tell them to collect it. You definately will get a courtesy car.

How far do you want to take it??
Option 1: Get it fixed
Option 2: Is it a UK supplied one??? then tell them to keep it and you want your money back...Sale of goods act 1975 (I think that was the year) your local trading standards or one of the motoring mags and see if they want to do a story!!

You definately want compensation if youre going to keep it, I got an extended Renault warranty and the first service free for my gearbox replacement.
  Leon Cupra

Another thing do you think its best to tell them i was doing 70 because i was breaking the speed limit by doing 80.

  mk2 172

you might as well mate but i suppose its engine speed that counts, as long as you didnt do what iseem to do and take the rev counter to about 10k in the wrong gear!
  ICE'dberg MK2 172

Speed shouldnt matter...its good for almost 140mph and you were only doing 80....just cruising!!!

You have mail!!!

not sure if they will/can....
but catch people out by checking the log!

several people just drop the law suit and get it fixed.
  Leon Cupra

It was doing about 4krpm at the time, I have gave it some sh*t in the past but not today. Hope they don’t pick up on previous I have raced the engine. Should not really matter should it isn’t that what the car is built for???(e.g. “Renault Sport”)


Hi im.. bad news dood. (

but, before everyne jumps on the bash reno uk bandwagon )... this is the first I have heard of grenade itself, so just let them fix it... - the results will dictate their action..

I would be VERY interested in the actual fault though...

you aint got an induction kit on have ya.. that could cause it as the leaning out of the mixture has yet to be cured.. although I can assure you Nick Hill now has the technology to do this )


must be the sticker then lol )

please can you see if you can get a sensible answer from them as to WH happened.

and.. I am sure it will be fine after a new unit is fitted..

also, did it cause the car to rapidly slow down ??.. as if something seized ?.. can you describe in more detail what actually happened.

I would be interested from a technical viewpoint.

  Leon Cupra


Ill try and explain what happened. I was on the motorway coming back from Sheffield and was nearly home after about 100ish miles of doing between 70 and 90 mph. I was doing about 80 mph in the middle lane coming up to a car going slower than me so I pulled into the top lane I applied a little more gas to over take the car and it felt as if the breaks were being applied slightly, the induction note was getting louder but there was no power there the engine was struggling to accelerate, there was a loud knocking noise coming from the engine when I tried to accelerate. I pulled back in and started decelerating when the engine started making a humming noise. Ten seconds later as you said the car tried to stop its self felt like someone had slammed the breaks on, obviously because of the speed I was doing the car was not going to stop instantly. This is when there was a big bang and clatter from the engine, there was a plume of white smoke from the exhaust and loads of steam from under the bonnet, there was a clatter of what sounded like metal parts hitting the floor of the car and I saw some parts bouncing down the motorway (didn’t go back for them, forgot in the heat of the moment). I have tried to turn it over with the starter motor but the engine made a very nasty knocking noise the It jammed the starter and a load of oil came pissing from the bottom of the car. I then looked under the car and found a big hole punched in the plastic sump cover. All together not a very nice experience.


Bad luck mate.

Capn, Could it be the main bearings siezed? And a piston/conrod made a bid for freedom through the sump?


unlikely to be mains..

sounds like a piston sieze.. then a rod snap.. and a rod with nowhere to go - but outa the sump

the piston never goes out, its usually the meal around the little end (gudgeon pin) that breaks and causes a grenade

sounds like a manufacturing fault that went through without QC..

  Leon Cupra

Cant understand it, it still made good power on the rollers the other week. Wouldnt it have been down on power if there had been some manurfacturing fault??

  CTR EK9 turbo

Probably some dildo assembled it on a friday afternoon and screwed it together with a set halfords "Christmas budget-brand of spanners."

Sorry to hear that Tim. Your car sounded fine on the rollers. But I think its just one of those parts that gave up all of a sudden.


yeah, if it did break off from the gudgeon, you would have the hlf rod swinging around your sump one it left the block.....thrashing the sump to hell (hence hole) and probably the bottom of the block looks well spanked!

sorry it happend again! by that i mean "again im sorry it happend"....uhh, ok bye

Hi Tim, it wouldnt effect the power on the rollers if the fault is a catastrophic failure such as this.

one minute its fine, next it goes bang..

could be also caused by an injector fault (Reduced flow = lean) as there is no lama closed circuit at wot..

lean = heat = piston expansion = tightness then sieze.. rod still wants to move but has nowhere to go

If it was no4 rod, the oil pump is directly underneath it.. a flailing rod could well smash the oil pump into something representing shrapnel..

btw.. is the hole in the sump plate caused by parts going AWAY from the engine.. or (the plot thickens) towards the engine..

does it look lile a burst out or a burst in...

just pondering...