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Engine dynamics turbo conversion

At £2799 it seems ludicrously cheap!

Has anyone got any experience of this kit?

I have been contemplating forced induction for a while and had my heart set on a supercharger conversion, but for the money this option seems hard to ignore...
  Clio T 314hp c43 AMG
There was one member that had it ben1 I think, no sure, tbh honest he didn't say a lot about it so probably not the best, there was a conversion in the for sale section a month back.
  Trafic 140dci
I'm sure i heard good things about it, granted it's not the best on the market but it's supposed to be alright. According to T.Trophy's how to build a turbo clio thread the turbo manifold they use is the same K-Tec sell...

Also there is a converted megane 225 engine in the for sale section for £650, i've just bought one along with a DCI gearbox and custom manifold too :) Project thread coming soon!


ClioSport Club Member
  172 Cup Turbo
I've heard good things about it actually, the people i spoke to praised it but from what ive read the turbo they use is only ok for low boost so if you plan on going high boost in the future then that would need changing