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engine light above gear leaver

  clio 182 sport
out of the blue when finished work last night the engine light above the gear lever came on it is not flashing just solid this is the only light on when car is driving. can anyone tell me what it is the car seems so start no problem and runs as normal as ever and still pulls like a train no misfires and no hesitations at all anyone help please appreciate it cheers as im skint and if possible want to avoid taking it to the garage for diagnostics when the money could be spent on the part needed.
  clio 182 sport
could it be a lambda sensor i know they have two on and one it on the cat i think have no idea where the other one is
  clio 182 sport
i would if i could afford it but skint at the minute its running spot on not loosing mpg so think ill have to leave it the way it is for now and chance it