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Engine mounts

  R34 GT-R & 172 Cup
Top engine mount, just seen some threads with you asking about ktec...did you fit them to yours?

the pain is its gone the same time as my exhaust so screwed on money
Yeah I fitted mine myself, like I say it's pretty simple to do, just got to make sure you support the engine underneath before you take the old mount off.

Cheapest place I've seen for the mounts is EuroCarParts, think they charge something in the region of £60 for the upper engine mount.
  R34 GT-R & 172 Cup
Cheers for that il check them out, it looks like ktec ones are worth the extra money.

Could i just buy the engine mount for £90 or do i ideally need the full set for £170?
Oh are you talking about the uprated engine mounts?

I think ideally you'd need to replace them all with the uprated version because more stress would be put on the standard mounts if you only replaced one with the uprated version which would cause them to wear out quicker. Don't quote me on that though because I'm not certain. If you have a search on here mate, you'll find loads of threads on the k-tec uprated mounts.
  R34 GT-R & 172 Cup
Sorry Im on about standard and uprated. Been looking and for an extra 30 quid or so i was thinking is it worth uprated over standard...but as you said if i got to replace all them its going to work out more money so best staying standard then till i get bit extra money.

Have you felt a really different in pulling and just general driving around?
  Clio Sport 172
I just replaced the upper engine mount with the uprated ktec as the original ripped in half at 26,000km. I don't think it will make the others fail quicker, the bottom gearbox mount is just to support the weight anyway. The uprated mount will take the torque much better than the original.