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Engine noise....

  2003 Clio 172
Hey team,

Nothing technically wrong with Bonk, its just I was out in a friend's wee 172 cup last night and I have to say, his engine is so quiet, it makes mine sound like a washing machine.

Now, his has a s/s exhaust as does mine, the only notable difference would be that mine has an RSTuner map on it.

We took them out back to back and his was great.

When i took mine out, it just sounds, well.....coarse.

It also seems like its struggling slightly in higher revs, now i know just because the map has raised the rev limit it doesnt strictly mean you should be aiming to get there, in fact i find that with the map you really dont need to, you can short shift at 6500 and make very admirable progress.

I also appreciate that the map has more or less removed the 5k surge everyone talks about because of a better curve (i havent verified this on a RR yet btw)

It just sounds very rough up in the higher revs and doesnt feel like it wants to get to the limiter, you know?

Car idles fine.

Belts were done at a dealer 3k ago and checked again there after a few days driving.

Car serviced about 4k ago with nothign but the best

No codes showing in RSTuner

Also, no noise from the dephaser area at all, i do have a ticking that seems to be coming from lower down the drive belt side, any thoughts on that?

Would appreciate thoughts on this.