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Engine problem? not sure what is wrong..

Recently I have noticed that the car struggles really bad at 1200 - 1500rpm and 2000ish rpm, there is a loss of power and juddering really bad, passed this point it drives perfectly. the harder the right foot the worse the problem.

took the air filter out in case that was causing any troubles but it didnt make a difference.

the car has got the Ron98 map and has half a tank of 98 shell fuel.

any ideas what I should be looking at first
  clio 172cup
I've got a similar problem , if I hold it at 4/5k in 4th or 5th it jerks :/ almost like the ignition is cutting out


ClioSport Club Member
  Gentlemans spec 200
That sounds like lambda from memory. My ph1 did similar, felt like a misfire when warm, never happened when cold. Went through changing coil pack, leads etc made no difference. Popped code reader on and lambda came up as stores fault. No dash warning lights came up at any point.
  206,172 Cup,focus,X5
T.p.s ? Maybe. If it has flat spots then it could be this. But a code reader will point u in the right direction hopefully
Plugged in, no errors present or stored, however changed plugs and all seems okay and a hell of alot smoother!!! Never changed the plugs before but despite the manifold coming off being scary it was actually really easy!