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engine swap??

  Ph1 track 172
Ive got a mk2 ph1, in pretty good nick, 1.2 8v

however the engines holding on by a thread at 80k+ miles,

ive been offered a mk1 (ph2 i think) 1.8 8v, (not a valver)
body work in pretty poor way, but 50k on the engine,
for £100,

can anyone tell me how hard it would be to change the engines around??
and how good the 1.8 8v engines are performance and reliability??
  Ph1 track 172
its got to that age when everythings begining to go wrong :(, cv boots, shocks, wheel bearings, aux belts,

is just an idea really atm.
  Ph1 track 172
would i not have to change the entire front end?? including suspension, brakes??

or would i be using the engine/gearbox??

the questions still stand as im rather bored of <59 bhp lol
  ITB'd MK1
as already said, the only thing you've listed that you wont need to do anyway is the aux belt (which is pretty easy on a 1.2 8v), and you'll want to do that on the new engine anyway, along with the cambelt

The 1.8 8v is a cracking engine, i'd happily own most renaults that came with it. I want another laguna TBH
Nice simple engines used in lots of cars with lots of spares about. Can even chuck a 2.0 bottom end on it or a 1.7 turbo head with the turbo and all bits.

If you're doing it for speed then go for it, would be a fairly simple engine swap, wiring would be your biggest pain but it wouldn't be any harder than sticking a 172 engine into a mk1 lol
  Ph1 track 172
id do all the work myself, plus i dont need the car for anything so i can take my time about doing it.

what would i be changing?? just the engine, ecu and gearbox??
would i have to uprate the brakes??
Engine, box, loom, hoses, radiator

I don't know what brake setup the mk2 runs, from memory it's the same setup as the mk1 valver with 259mm vented fronts? If so just uprate the pads
  Ph1 track 172
which mk2s run that setup??

the brakes on the car atm, are tiny! but if i upgraded the discs and pad would i not have to do a brake conversion?
  Ph1 track 172
also need to know if the mounts are in the same place??

and when you say change the gearbox, would that include all the selector bars to the gearstick?? or just the box itself??

and would the driveshafts stay the same??

rad,hoses,engine/box sounds simple enough,

and so long as the wiring CAN be done, i may well be embarking on this project over the winter,

basically i need to know in abit more depth what accually needs to be changed.