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Engine temperature

  Clio 172 ph1

not sure how much a problem this is but on my way home from work yesterday evening I got stuck in a lot of traffic, which was stop start stop start for about 40 mins I would say. The temperature gauge is usually just below half way but it kept creeping up to about one mark from the top then went back down to normal as soon ad the traffic cleared. Has this happened to anyone else? Car is a ph1 172


  Toyota Corolla
Could it be the Thermostat?

Just had mine changed as it stopped letting water through the radiator and overheated!

Anywho, mine used to run quite cold - for the past year and a bit since I got it - one or two marks below half way and I thought that was normal... until today when I drove it to work with the new thermostat on. It now stays half way all the time!!! I've got a ph1 172.
Is the needle supposed to reach half way and then stay there?

From a cold start mine tends to: Jump up to almost half way within 5 minutes, then drop a few bars, raise again to 1 or two bars below half. It will only ever reach half way if I am really booting it, as soon as I drive normally the needle drops back..

Need thermostat time? Expensive?
  Toyota Corolla
When I say all the time, I mean after it's warmed up! ;)

I think the thermostat was £12.

Mine used to only hit the half way mark when I was stuck in traffic... and when I did a track day in it :D
did you notice if the fan kicked in?

providing the fan does its job of controlling the temp, and it doesn't just keep rising, i'd not worry about it
  Clio 182, CBR600RR
The thermostats and temp senders are a comon fault, i have replaced mine as it was stitting just under half way point and then moving around depending on how i drove it or if the car was in traffic. Now its perfect again and im getting better mpg as the engine is running at the correct temp all the time rather than sitting below temp. I would try thermostat fist there £20 from the stealers and come with the 'o' ring already attached. good time to change your coolant as well as its spupposed to be changed every 5 yrs or 36k i think?