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Entrance Photos


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Re: Entrance Photo's

I don't no where they are online. But they had them inside by the PFC stand on the day. The pictures were awful imo.
My car isn't even on any of the photos so they did a piss poor job at taking "every car"!

edit: Found some on the parade lap :)


Is it just me or does that look really slow for sportlines (the rear mainly)? perhaps it was because I was accelerating or something!
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Entrance photos were very hit and miss, there's a pic of me in Luke's/The Boosh's RB 182 but not one of mine and Luke was only 1 or 2 cars ahead of me.

Must remember to smile though!
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Some of our resident CS photographers took much better pics!

'Official pic of mine'

Josh Savage pic of mine:
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The entrance pics were poo and a crap location to do it. Should of been further up.

I did buy mine of me on the parade lap...
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That's it Jon lol. The only reason why I got it was because its a good pic but it's not amazing quality but still good.
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The pics not on the website. I think because I bought the file they didn't bother uploading it.
flol at this photographer taking shots with a rag on a stick to say the least :L my missus is just finishing her first year of photography at uni and her Nikon DSLR is phenominal compared to this guys potato :L

and s**te pics regardless of the crap quality... did he have a dog and sunglasses? pmsl