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Epic paint code fail!

  172 Cup & Clio dci Van
Went into halfords with what i thought was the paintcode...had paint mixed up, brought it home and tested on a a broken jack.
Bought it to rattle can a spoiler for my mini van project! van isnt worth spending money on having a sprayer do it if you know what i mean!

Turns out its the complete wrong colour... was practically grey when it should be a dark blue! just aswell i didnt spray it straight on the spoiler...

So... any ways

What colour name and or code is this blue?

i looked in the sticky but couldnt make any sense of it all.

Are you talking Renault paint codes here... If so, which colour were you hoping to get?!

Click the link, Rebecca. f**k, I'm an idiot.

Does it not have a label on the inner door like the cars have!?
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ClioSport Moderator
  Whichever has fuel
The name is Pacific Blue. (I'm not 100% on the code though, sorry)


ClioSport Club Member
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ye it is pacific blue and i think 460 is the paint code (i rattle canned a spoiler last year) got fairly good results with it for what it cost.
  172 Cup & Clio dci Van
cool thanks guys & girls (needsta!) so turns out i was right and Halfords were spazzas who cannot mix paint to save their life!

any one recommend a paint mixery company that i can order online or something?

Cheers all !

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